Valuing ‘Unease’:

3 Triggers that cannot be wished away by the Adani Group Introduction I am not an active investor and have no stock market mega-wins to speak of. In many ways, I would be seen as an extremely conservative investor, who has grudgingly been investing small sums of money in index funds and mutual funds. While […]

Islamophobia and Fragmentation in India: Mirroring the denial of Critical Race Theory in USA

Preamble Some recent events… Ironically, the second part of the abovementioned BBC documentary refers to a period of three days (February 3-5, 2020) where on one hand, we have riots in our capital Delhi, where in one of the many violent encounters, Delhi Police is filmed violently beating up five Muslim boys, demanding that they […]

Turn The Bus – A Gig, A Holarchy, or a Holacracy?

This blog explores alternative organization designs such as holarchies and holacracies that promise new types of organizations – that are perhaps more aligned to their contexts, innovative to the boot, and that create value for their stakeholders. My experience with Turn The Bus has offered visceral encounters that enrich my understanding of the theory and […]

Escaping Death

10th November 1989, TIET, Patiala The last few months have been triggering many a memory that have otherwise been dormant or repressed – many such memories are ‘eerie’ survivor stories that were laid to rest, seldom shared with close friends and family. Perhaps there were taints of guilt and perhaps there were a sensing of […]

The Arena and its Shadowy Warriors: Exploring Self and System dynamics through Macbeth

Introduction By now, many of you may have seen “The Tragedy of Macbeth” by Joel Coen, starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand – a brilliant film that does immense justice to one of the best Shakespearian plays ever. This film is aesthetically rendered in black and white noire, situated in haunting and surreal sets (designed […]

What may crawl beneath the façade of growth and aspirational purpose?

Introduction The movie, Nightcrawler, was released in 2014, and terrified US and other audiences across the world, revealing how sensational and bigoted journalism thrives on its equally bigoted, racist, classist, and terrified middle class audiences – in many ways the two feed on each other. Nightcrawler pays homage to the middle class audiences, who consume […]