The Two Popes, CAA and the Divided Collective

Part 1 The Film   Last night, I watched the Netflix film – the Two Popes – a biographical gem adapted from a play, starring Anthony Hopkins as Pope Benedict XVI and Jonathan Price as Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, who later on succeeded Pope Benedict as Pope Francis. The narrative is very evocative, comprising a series […]

Exploring Modernity & the Networked World – Inspired by ‘The Age of Surveillance Capitalism’ by Shoshana Zuboff

This blog is inspired by Zuboff’s work on surveillance capitalism and seeks to bust two myths that the modern man or woman unconsciously subscribes to, and in this process remains blind to processes of manipulation and tyranny of systems. It exposes the tension between the world of belonging and the world of networks, offering questions and even hope on how we can self-author our individual and collective lives.