5 Reasons why should Men attend the Gender & Identity Lab?

For more than a decade, the Sumedhas offering of ‘Gender & Identity Lab’ (G&I) has been a pioneering series of experiential learning spaces that focus on the notion of ‘gender’, and its deep linkages with identity processes, sexuality, relatedness and systems thinking. Over the years, this annual offering in the shape of a behavioral lab […]

Behold “Mastani & Rau” – A contemporary tale of love, passion, and heroic wisdom – for the post-industrial woman … and man! Part 1

Preamble English language translates the word ‘Mastani’ as “intoxicated passion”. The translation does little justice to the warrior heroine – Mastani, a smoldering beautiful Muslim princess, borne into the kingly home of a Rajput and his Afghan consort, a brave and passionate woman, skilled in art, dance, horse-riding and warfare, who while trying to save […]