Conscientiousness, Prudence, or URB: Leveraging Symbolic Interaction & EUM

Introduction   This blog is a critique on how trait theories including Five Factor Model (FFM) and the Hogan framework, are being used by modern firms as a predictor of human performance. The personality testing industry across the globe was stated to be worth USD 7.5 billion dollars by March 2020 before the Coronavirus impacted us. […]

Love and Work in the Times of Coronavirus

  Here is one more blog, on what you and I can do, as our world gets fragmented and perhaps even claustrophobic with more clampdowns. Each of us faces an opportunity to withdraw from the relentless world of gregarious consumption, from the extraverted pursuits of travel, entertainment, and style, and of course from the toil […]

Typologies & EUM – A theory in making

Introduction As Ashok Malhotra aptly puts it –“If structure follows strategy, then strategy follows identity…”   Many of us who are deeply influenced by Ashok, and who work in the OD space, emphasize on the Identity processes within the firm while working with on its culture, or its strategy and its design. A key resource […]