Journeying with the Witches: Disrupting the Stasis

The Background The last month of this year has been quite ecstatic for me, for I have had a series of intense encounters with creative women, who seem to be undeniably unleashing magical energies, as each strives to challenge and transform the world. It is extremely difficult to describe let alone work with such energies… […]

The Simulacrum of Meritocracy

The Trigger… A few weeks ago, I was teaching ‘Managing Change’ at a premier business school in India – a batch of fifty odd young consultants from one of the big 5 global consulting firms, to my shock and dismay indulged in rampant cheating, colluding, and copying from each other in every assessment process – be […]

Anticipating TransformAction 2017

  Historically, in the month of March each year, in the Riviera, just a few miles away from Nice, International Forum for Social Innovation (IFSI) – a not for profit body founded in 1976 in France, holds its annual group relations conference titled TransformAction – a seminar on Authority, Leadership, and Transformation.   Over the […]