The dying breed of the courageous solitary seeker and the emerging darkness within shadowy groups

As I begin writing this note, I am aware that I am addressing one small facet of a complex social phenomenon and that there is an inherent risk of over-simplification and stereotyping while I write this.   All around us, there are signs and signals of a critical shift happening in Indian society and polity […]

Managing Professional Growth – Trends that may transform or even eliminate the L&D function within in the near future!

Two strands of conversations have contributed towards writing this article – the first was with Srinivasa Addepalli of Globalgyan on designing leadership development interventions, and the second was exploring an aggregator model of coaching with G Pratap of Maersk, over the past few weeks.   For most firms, the ‘Make/Grow Talent or Buy Talent’ polarity […]